About Us

Warm Home is a website that aims to publish articles related to home improvements such as house renovations, house building, or house remodelling. This sites goal is to share informative articles and publications that can help other people in dealing with simple household problems like leaking faucet or replacing a worn out cabinet hinges.

The owner of this site, Cod, is a bookkeeper. Writing is his passion and home renovation projects are his favorite past time. He is currently living in London with his wife and two love kids. He aims to use this website to share his experiences in his home improvement projects.

We are aware that there are certain home improvement tasks that we can't do on our own. So we will be putting up notes in our articles so you'll be aware ahead. However, we do recommend that if you think the projects are too tough for you, you'll hire an expert or a professional to do it. It is important to keep you and your family's safety first. A good example of this is your home's heating system. Some heating systems use gas as its energy source. If you'll notice some leaking or noises of your boilers or pipes then we highly recommend for you to look for boiler repair services within your area.

Hopefully, you'll enjoy and learn a lot of useful and informative things and tips in this website.

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